Adding Weapon Constraints in UE4?

Can you add weapon constraints in ue4 with what I want to do? So I have a weapons pack from marketplace and a two handed sword comes with a skeletal mesh (has a socket on grip point. Based on what they said, my interpretation of why its there is to be able to do something like this

Is this possible to do directly in UE4 though. I managed to find a way to sheath and unsheathe a weapon in ue4, so the character will never permanently have it in his hands. Is there a way within UE4 directly to attach the left hand to a specific point on the grip socket, so no matter the animation being played, that left hand will do its best to stay in position.

The reason I am looking at doing this is because I just realized that no upon retargeting an attack animation I purchased to the ue4 mannequin, no matter where I place the weapon in the characters skeletal mesh, the left hand will be going through the sword at certain points or not touching the sword.

a second reason, I was thinking this would be a decent method to implement physics in the weapon so if two weapons hit against each other, I can make a blueprint that says to rotate the weapon a little bit and the hands will stay attached and slightly rotate with the weapon perhaps.

So, is this possible and where would I find this ability?