Adding variables from Python


I want to create variables in Python for them to be procedurally added to my blueprint when I run my script. I am aware of getting and setting variables already set in the editor, and I understand, to get & set variables to the underlying blueprint, we must must make changes to the default object version. As displayed below:

get the generated class, using a different load method than assets

blueprint_generated = unreal.load_object(None, “/Game/NewBlueprint.NewBlueprint_C”)

from that, get the class default object ( the actual template for the blueprint )

blueprint_class_default = unreal.get_default_object(blueprint_generated)

set or get properties

blueprint_class_default.set_editor_property(“MyFloatValue”, 42) blueprint_class_default.get_editor_property(“MyInt”)

Instead of editing variables, I want to create them. Is this even possible?

Thank you,