Adding uproperty to parent resets class defaults of children

Every time I add a uproperty to a parent class, all sub classes are reset to the parent default values.

This is using a first person project. Adding any form of value with the EditAnywhere tag completely breaks the FirstPersonCharacter originally setup by the editor as all values seem to be set to default.

Using C++.

EDIT: Even the subclass default values are deleted too.

EDIT: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-51994) issue here, please vote up

I am also encountering this problem when changing/adding properties or changing constructor.
I could solve this by not using hot reload when doing so.

That means if I do these changes I close Unreal Editor and compile my code. When I start the editor after that the values aren’t reset.

You should be safe if adding variables or function which are not marked by UPROPERTY or UFUNCTION (except Constructor)

Hey there, i’ve already submited this bug when 4.18 was released, let’s hope they fix it quickly. This only happens with Hot reload, so you have to constantly restart the engine if you change a lot of things in the header file. This is the issue file they gave me.

I have this problem in 4.19. Whenever they get around to fixing this, will it persist in the current engine version but not in the newer versions or will it be fixed in all versions of the engine?

I think it’s already fixed in 4.20.