adding UnrealVS to Visual Studio 19: "UnrealVS command" missing

I am trying to add UnrealVS command to visual studio 2019. I am following this tutorial:…lVS/index.html
I completed all previous steps - step-by-step. I added UnrealVS toolbar and than i went to customization, checked toolbar radio button. Selected UnrealVS, click on add command, but in categories - there is no UnrealVS command, which i am supposed to add. No idea why it is not showing. Btw i have community version, so it should work…

Help please !

EDIT: it is so yak, i didn’t find solution anywhere waiting day, so i can continue, that damn command isn’t showing in categories menu and therefore i can’t use UnrealVS…

PS: Sorry for double post, only 4 categories on forums were showing, i don’t think i get response under feedback…

Bump, as I have the same problem.

Same issue here!

Dead end here too

Hello All… Try this…In your visual studio installer go to "Game Development, that should be clicked. On right side make sure Unreal Engine boxes are checked… if not click and let install.

That exact menu of options, as depicted in the document you’re referencing, can be found under the Extensions category.