Adding UI on Multiuse Action

Hi, I am able to trigger a multiuse action on the ‘E’ action wheel and display a UI but I have no mouse control despite setting show mouse cursor true. I just want to pop up an options menu as a action wheel item.

Basically what I CAN do:
Add an action to the Action menu on an item
Create and Display a UI on the action

What I cant do:
Close the UI
View MY Mouse cursor

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been using this tutorial for the UI Ark Basic UI Tutorial - YouTube

Hey, if you upload some screenshots of the relevant parts in your graphs it will be easier to help.

Here is how i usually do it for a basic ui:

Creating widget and adding to viewport from “Client Do Multiuse” event:

On the widgets graph:

Oh good point, my bad I’ll make sure to do that in the future. I got it working thanks to your help :slight_smile: I was creating the UI in “BPTry Multi Use” which I forgot was for server-side changes (right?) and that solved most of my issues.

I got the UI to appear and I can close it on key up, Mouse clicks etc. But Now The cursor disappears when I click anything and I cant get it back. Relevant graphs:

EDIT: Figured it out, had to change Behavior>Visibility to “Visible” int my canvas settings

It shouldn’t be the panel’s properties.

My ACM mod uses 4 different UI’s, and all of the panels - and all background elements/images/effects - are all set to Self Hit Test Invisible.

I believe I had this issue early in my UI days and part of the problem I had was in fact visibility, but it was the individual widgets/elements that were the issue, they default to the above which won’t register mouse clicks.


Thanks for the correction! I have never used UE4 before, but I have a pretty strong programming background. Im just hacking things together hoping they work :slight_smile: Do you by chance know how to pass variables from the object i’m activating the multiuse action on (The Bookshelf) to the UI elements? That way I can populate the UI with the variables stored in the bookshelf.

Edit: I take that back, Figured it out again… Just had to tick “Expose” on the variable in the UI