Adding UE4 Plugins on Linux

How does one add plugins from the UE Marketplace to Linux build of UE4 Editor?

I’m aware that the Epic Games Launcher facilitates this on a Windows or Mac environment, and can be launched via Lutris on Linux Distros, but is incompatible with a Linux build of UE4 Editor.

Attempts to download from the UE Marketplace trigger the Epic Games Launcher.

If those plugins are not compiled for Linux specifically, you can’t really add them since the binaries are not compatible. Vendors would need to make them for Linux.

Having said that, if the source code to the plugin is available, you should be able to compile it yourself and get it running, unless there are some OS-specific (e.g. Windows only) dependencies.

For simple plugins it might be as easy as modifying configuration file(s) and compiling. But for more complex plugins that depend on other (external) libraries (especially if they are not as readily available for Linux, or part of UE) it is quite involving.

I’m not saying it’s not doable, only that it potentially requires a considerable time investment in porting, debugging and troubleshooting.

If you have windows installed then go to programfiles(x86)\EpicGames\VaultCache
Find the plugin and simply add plugin to UE4 Linux by copy the plugin to “Plugins” folder in the project folder or to engine folder at UnrealEngine/Engine/Plugins/ in using file browser.