Adding ue4 assets to ue5?

Hey, question, I got a library of assets I’ve downloaded from the marketplace and wonder if there is a way to add them to a project I’m doing in unreal engine 5 early access?

start your project in ue4.26 etc then upgrade it to ue5


If is an asset in your library.
Simply use the button add to project.
Then select the check box show all project.
Then select the project you want add in it.
Then use the combobox to change for the more recent engine compatible.
(ex: 4.26 or whatever the latest version is available in this menu)

And in fact, as mentioned by @frostic is possibile to convert existing project to other engine version …

Also, you can migrate asset from an open project to any other projects already exist in your local computer, but, it is a separate topic.

In thecontent browser just right click the folder or specific asset, select migrate and you are done.

You can add none ue5 compatible purchases from the store by downloading and migrating.

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i’ll try that out.