Adding to the Vault


So I love how there are things in the Vault that are just one click away from being added to a project. It is an extremely easy way to keep organized when you’re working in different projects to test things within an isolated environment. The problem is I cannot figure out how to add things into the Vault.

I thought it would merely be a matter of creating a folder and putting items into it, but not so. It seems all the other Vault related items have a “manifest” document. How do I go about creating one of those so that the Vault will archive properly?

Hi Alaan,
Right now the Vault only handles items downloaded from the Marketplace and Learn tab and users are unable to create their own. I do like your idea of allowing users to create their own vault items though, and I will relay your feedback to the devs. :slight_smile:

-Max B.

I’d love something like this.

I just posted about trying to create some sort of master library or master vault. This would be great but i’d love to be able to browse and search the vault from inside my UE4 project without having to leave and load vault objects form the launcher screen.

Are we able to add items to our own vault yet?

I was just wondering if we are able to do this yet? I’m surprised it hasn’t been added as I have bought things before they were introduced to the marketplace and now can’t put them in my vault? is there any way to do this?