Adding to the Default Spawners Without Remapping Them?

Hey guys, is there a way to add dinosaurs to the default spawners without having to remap them with custom spawners. I run into the issue when new dinos get released that since I remap the spawners with my added dinos that the new ones don’t spawn because they aren’t in the spawner and I can’t fix it till the new content is added to the devkit. Thanks.

Unfortunately, there isn’t. Some BPs use an intermediate editable BP as parent and can thus be edited without too much trouble. Spawners do not - they are children to a blank BP.

That’s what I thought. Is there a way then I can add to the default spawners at runtime?

Not that I know of. Why not just edit it whenever new dinos are released? That doesn’t happen too often, and there aren’t that many spawners.

I do. Some people want dragons and some people don’t so I wanted to give the option to have them or not. I had everything set up except I don’t what to cast to the spawner?