Adding the SuperGrid system to my project?

If I create a project in unreal, and want to add supergrid to it - what do I actually need to do?

The reason I ask is because the “Add to project” functionality, only seems to work for creating anew project… and that project is a first person project, I would like to add it to a blank third person project.

create a new supergrid project-> open it -> right click on the content folder -> migrate

Just copying the unchanged SuperGrid map that is living under Content into another Content map is good too.

The ‘Add to Project’ and ‘Create Project’ buttons in the Launcher are messed up, not only on SuperGrid.

Yeah, sorry for that!
There is also some info in FAQ about this

I hope Epic will add this feature at some point

I think the reason is that SuperGrid has it’s own configuration files (for input) and those cannot be added to an existing project.


Also, must I use the textures / Materials provided? Or may I use my own with the meshes?

you can do whatever you want with it , the only thing you can’t do is resell it or release the source of the pack

Really? If it is the case then I could fix it - conf. files are not required for correct work

Well, you could use it however you want(Except reselling and redistributing the source of the pack)!
If you want to use your own custom textures instead of SuperGrid then check out this post, it’s pretty basic!
As for meshes - any modular mesh with correct UV and texture density(I’m talking about Epic guidelines) should work. However for perfect work some additional work required(Align UV correctly so it does not span during scaling, good collision mesh and etc)

When I was uploading my own package to the Marketplace, I had only included the config files that were automatically generated by the Editor when I created a new separate project for my assets. And it worked well - “Add to project” works for my package. I am not 100% sure that config files are the reason it doesn’t work for SuperGrid, but it seems to be a reasonable explanation to me, so you can certainly try to fix it this way.

Please help me .When I start a project here gives me this error “errors / warnings reported while playing in editor”. How to fix it?

Hey Lilsant, what error you’re getting?
If it looks like this

then don’t worry - just ignore it, it breaks nothing.

Package was saved without version applied to be compatible with Unreal Tournament Editor which ignores hotfixes of Unreal Engine :frowning:
Anyway, in next update I will save package with pure 4.8 so these messages will go away!