Adding the island&scorched earth layers on same material(mm)

I can’t make the scorched earth layers work in the same material that has got the island layers at the material editor.
i am using the mm_newisland (renamed) as base but i can’t get the mm_scorchedearth connections that i copied/pasted to mm_newisland to work.
Do you have any idea how to do so ? Because i want to paint using both maps paint (layers).

all i have left to to do is connect the MatLayerBlend_full of scored earth to the rest of the connections but i don’t see how.

You don’t have to:

Download that, extract in your mod/map folder, copy the needed textures from the SE assets to your mod folder and apply them to the corresponding nodes in the blueprint. Let it compile and you have your material set up.


Oh wow thanks a lot Koge i spend 3 days trying to get the connections right with out success. I can move forward now. thank you.