Adding text to static mesh component surface

I want to achieve something similar to this where I can add text to the surface of a static mesh:

I would like this to be done using a text variable, If I could open up an option to format the text as i go (like character spacing, font, bold etc) that would be even better. I have already set up my mesh and got a blueprint going in construction script where different staticmesh components are being added on to a base mesh. All of the branches in my script are all varients of this:

Some of these will only require the text to be shown on one side whilst others to be shown on both. (the dark panel one side and the green panel both sides)

So yeah, it would be awesome if someone could show me how to go about doing this! Please bare in mine this is the first time I have used blueprints and I may need an image to two to understand what im doing. Also, if you see a way of simplifying the script I have already made please let me know. Thanks!

Check this video. It’s what you are looking for.

You can download the UE4 content example, it have many usefull examples on how to implement some functionalities.

The simplest way to do what you are asking for is to add a Text Render Component to your blueprint, and there is a content example for that, here’s more info:

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