Adding text talking instead of voice acting

So I’m making First person exploration game.
I don’t want to do voice acting for it,I just want to add text.
For example,character will talk by text.
Imagine you are playing First person game and in middle bottom of the screen you see character saying
>Character name< : This looks interesting!

Can I make that happen? And of course I need the text in specific location in specific time!
Any help will be appreciated!

You should check this out, It will do all the above and more

Personally i am using a widget when dialogue is initiated. That will have a drawn picture of the character you are talking with and a textfield where the dialogue is. Kinda like many Japanese RPGs do. Create a dialogue widget, you can add text fields to it. And make it function like the way you a re describing.
There are many good tutorials you can find on youtube that show you how to do almost everything you need in UE.
There question is very broad. But start by learning about widgets.