Adding StaticMeshActors to DefaultSceneRoot of blueprint during runtime

I am currently working on doing a world in a miniature. During Game start I am selecting a huge amount of staticmeshactors from a procedural city in my level blueprint and want duplicate these into a blueprint to make a world in a miniature. So far I save all my staticmeshactors in an array and copy them into my specified blueprint. From there I want to attach them to the DefaultSceneRoot component. Like this, I could place my blueprint wherever I want, I have my world in a minaiture wherever I want and scale it as I want.

When I launch the game it doesn’t work, cause I don’t see any result. The meshes are correctly selected and saved (I just tested the object amount and name though), but I get an error after closing the game, which I don’t really understand.

I’ve simply used the “AttachToComponent”-node like this:

And the error output is as followed:

is not static (in blueprint
“WorldInAMinituare_Blueprint”), cannot
which is static to it. Aborting.

Seems like “static” doesn’t want to work that way.