Adding "start/stop" animation while using blendspaces?

Hello! I understand how you would normally chain together animations through state machines, for instance a “start running” into “running loop” animation.

However, my idle->walking->running animations are handled through a blendspace, which means I don’t have an explicit “now the character is running” vs “walking” state to put the start animation between. How do I get around this?

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To do it properly you split it out into another blendspace and create a proper state machine for running.
since most if not all end points are radically different.

starting a jump from a run is different than from idle which is different than from walk.
same for landing into the accurate state, etc.

The state machine split. Like the blend space, is all based on a speed threshold or on a sprint boolean.
possibly the boolean AND the speed.

Its a complex subject. And realistically it depends on what you want more than anyrhing else.

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That makes sense, I’ll see if I need it, I’m just looking into improving the implementation of animations in my project at the moment.

I think perhaps leaning into turns and turn in place should be a priority right now.