Adding SQLite

If I am using the launcher version of UE4 4.7.2, how do I go about adding SQLite? I want to be able to write my own blueprint functions for it and not rely on others people’s plugins.

You procide as normaly in C++. you just need to do some reconfiguration in build script or else you gonna have linker errors, UE4 has it’s own build system so it ignores VS configuration, here tutorial how to set it up

Try to create a wrapper class in UObject enveraiment so it will be compatible with reflection system and UObject. remember to convert any C++ standard types or SQLite types to UE4 types so there wont be any issues with reflection system. aspecially as you planing to incorporate blueprints in to this.

I thought that SQLite was in UE4 and that I would just have to do an include or something to get access. Is this not correct?

I wrote the ‘official’ integration thats included. However it requires a source code build of the engine to use.
If you want to keep using the launcher version, you could put the SQLite code into your project, and not use the official module, but you’d have to write some classes/wrapper functions to make it visible to Blueprint.

We hope this plugin can help you.

HiSQLite3 (SQLite3 For UE4)

The UE5 Version SQLite3 Plugin: