adding spline to horizontal box

hi, this should be simple, but i am dumb.

i have a spline i have made in another blueprint

its in a blueprint called ‘splineBP’ and its variable name is ‘splineWidget’

I have my main blueprint where i have setup a horizontal box called ‘spline box’

i just want to add my spline in the other BP to this box. This is what i have so far…

when i run this, nothing appears on screen. Can anyone tell me why?


try to add at you main widget (spineBP) the owner → GetCharacterController 0
then you widget should be on screen…
you do not need it for children later, but the main needs to be owned by the player

hope this helps you :slight_smile:

cheers :vulcan_salute:

Hey thanks for the response!.

However im not sure if i have a ‘player’ in my game. All im doing is basically creating a UI which fills the screen. There is just a ‘main level’ and a main blueprint im using for the UI called ‘appSelection_MenuBP’ and im calling various other BP into this one to display.

does this make sense?


oh i just realised i needed to take the return value from the app selection menu widget and plug it into the target for the add to viewport node.

ill get the hang of this eventually.

hehe true didn´t see that :smiley:

Hi there @TheGreatShampoo, hope you’re well!

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Thanks and happy developing! :slight_smile: