Adding Snow

Having trouble figuring out how to add the snow and dead grass materials. I can see the layer info’s but can’t work out how to place them into the target layers. I’m extremely new to this so sorry for the basic question.

I would like to know how to add more materials that i can paint with aswell

I have successfully added a new white sand texture to the mat_theislandwithmasks landscape material. The beach sand black textures are really easy to duplicate. After I duplicated mine I just added 3 layers to the layer blend node (the big hub node that all the textures connect to) and make the first one a LB Height Blend to get the Height input in addition to the Weight input. Don’t forget to change the names so you know what goes where. Then you just connect the 4 or so nodes that the default Black Sand texture has set… If your goal is white though, you may want to tweak it’s specularity and/or roughness as the texture will be brighter than the surface of the sun if you don’t. xD