Adding Snap points

Hello all. Very, VERY new modder here.
I have learned enough about the editor to create my mod, copy an actor and properly link the relevant files together so that the engram shows up properly in the editor play mode and the actor is craft-able like it should be. At the moment that is about as far as I have gotten.

My goal is to modify or add new snap points to this actor so that it has more options when placing. Specifically I am hoping to modify, for example, a straight metal water pipe so that when it is snapped to say a vertical metal water pipe it has 4 directions it can point rather than the current one direction. I have no idea where to start with this. Could you fine folks please point me in the right direction to finding out how snap points are used, set up, manipulated etc.?

I would not think that what I want to do would be terribly difficult but I am finding tutorials or documentation to be few and far between on this subject.

I would gladly welcome anyone who wishes to assist me on this little project as well. Thanks and I look forward to any responses.

Add me on steam “ionic_ovrdose” I may be able ot help easier from there. Im currently working with snap point on my project and wouldn’t mind helping out.

I am in the Eastern Time Zone of US. Are we going to have good times to talk? I added you, Just waiting assuming I found the right person.

I’m pacific so we should find times no problem.

Have you received my invite? Or do I have the wrong person hehe…

Anyway, what is interesting is that I finally found the location of the snaps configuration and I think I have figured out how this is supposed to work but it appears (to me anyway [and it is getting late, lol]) that the particular pipe I am looking at already has 2 snap points but only one of which seems to be functioning in game.

Point 0 has a loc offset of x=149.700012 and a rot offset yaw=90
Point 1 has a loc offset of x=-149.700012 and a rot offset yaw=-90

This would seem to imply that attaching this straight pipe to the top of a vertical pipe should allow for two opposing directional options…however, in practice, in game, it only allows one direction.


Edit 1: Oh, holy ****, it IS broken…if you move it forward and rotate 90 or move it backward and rotate -90 it ends up in the same place…I think…head hurts lol…i think it is just wrong in the default item…gonna go check on this…

Edit 2: Yes, Verified!! The original part has an incorrect number in it. It was originally intended to go in two directions. Removed one minus sign and bam it works.

Think I now have this mod plan licked…

I believe you sent it to the wrong person haha

Well someone named Chris is the only one coming up with that handle.
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that would be me… but the invitation never showed up and I nothing shows up when i search for you, strange

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So I have worked out the skinny on the snaps themselves but these flags and match groups are throwing me for a loop. It would seem from looking around that I am not alone. Have you figured them out?

Ah yes, good 'ol snap points. I hate them.

Thanks Duke but I already have both of those pages open hehe. If those are it I got a long way to go. :frowning:

OK I figured out how to do the parts that snap in multiple directions. Thanks for the help on that.

Now I have another issue. The ends of my horizontal and vertical pipes now have eight possible snap points and I have a new object that I want to only snap to one of those possible directions. I tried creating a new point with made up “to point snap type flag” of 5001 and a “snap point match group” of 5000 and used the same numbers on the new objects snap point, but that did not work. Then it does not snap to anything.

I also tried leaving the match group the same as the rest of the metal pipes and only changing the to point snap flag, but that resulted in the new object still snapping to all of the pipes possible orientations.

I don’t know what else to try.

Could someone please offer an opinion on this specific scenario?

Don’t quote me yet cause I’m just jumping into this one (current project requires a similar to setup to what you guys seem to be after in here). Are you using the standard snaptoactor? Are you configuring it thru blueprint? My project requires similar (one to four snap points per object) functionality. Let’s see who wins this race!
Also, points for posting this on my birthday! :wink:
I added you on Steam, Chris. My handle is “Blandyman”, name’s Luis. If either of you wanna add me back, I’d love to share ideas and learn something new. Take care!

if at all possible could you maybe give a brief summary about what you learned so far? (in which files you find the mentioned snap point things and how you think they work?) It seems you just climed the learning curve on this topic so you probably still know what kind of trouble a noob is dealing with here. It would be good indeed to find some sort of explanition about all this snap point stuff in a thread called “Creating a snap point”. It seems like everyone has to learn this stuff themselves from the same few and far between sources that you mentioned which is rather inefficient. Cheers. Good luck with your mod(s).