Adding simple (box?) collision to multiple objects?

Hi. Is there a way to add collision areas to multiple objects at once? I have imported a building scene from 3ds max via datasmith and I would like to add collisions to the floors and walls. I think in earlier versions of UE there was a option for this in the Property Matrix, but I can’t find it in the latest release (4.21).

Any advise?

Thank you!

Hey there, have a look at this doc for some help on batch-setting collisions via blueprint.
Another idea would be to create them in Max using the UCX_meshname prefix (duplicate the objects, rename them with the prefix, and remove the last 3 characters to get rid of the numbering Max gives them) - this should make the engine automatically recognize and assign them as the simplified collision channel per mesh.

Thanks! I think this blueprint and python scriptings goes over my head because I haven’t used UE so much. Would like to learn those though. For now, I will do and try that UCX_meshname thingy.

Thank you.

You’re welcome, here’s some additional documentation around UCX to help you along :slight_smile: