Adding Seperate Apex Cloth Skeletal Mesh to Character (Collision)


Playing with Apex Cloth and Blender and UE4.

We would like to have different clothing options for the character so we just have a nude character and assign him skeletal Meshes (clothes).

I can see Apex Collision is a difficult subject but just want to know if its possible to have a nude character and assign him a skeletal mesh that has Apex Cloth and for that cloth to collide with the nude character.

Our attempts of using a UE4 Physics asset is failing. Is this possible? And how can it be achieved?

Note the Apex cloth is not part of the character skeletal mesh.


Any one know much about this subject? It appears the only collision the Apex file will acknowledge is the collision you create in the SDK. Not anything in UE4…

Is there a workaround to this?