Adding row to data table with user-defined struct crashes the editor

No, you did it right. Here’s the log file: Log file open, 07/11/17 01:18:05LogInit:Display: Running engine for game: Game -
And here’s the crash file:
If you need more, do let me know.

Simple as that. Just make a new blueprint struct, add whatever you want to it, then make a new blank data table with it, and try to add a row. No CSV importing, just add a new row in the editor.

Doesn’t happen in any older versions going as far back as 4.10, and I only say that because I got tired of testing older versions.

Hey Elusivehawk-

Can you elaborate on your reproduction steps for this issue? I tired right clicking in the content broswer->Bluepirnts->Structure to create a new struct. I then opened the struct and added multiple variables. When I created a data table (content broswer->Miscellaneous->Data Table) using this new struct, I was able to click the plus button to add new rows without any crash. Additionally, can you provide the callstack and log files from the crash for additional information?

Rather than the .dmp file, can you provide the callstack from the crash reporter window after the occurs? Also, when you add variables to the struct, what type are you setting them to? In my test I left them at the default of booleans, did you set them to something specific? If you’re able to reproduce the crash, it would also be helpful if you could provide a sample project that demonstrates the crash.

I don’t set the variables to anything in particular. I’ve tried ints, bools, strings, and a mix thereof. I just leave them blank though. On the bright side though, UE 4.17 seems to have fixed this. Thanks for taking the time to try to work this out. I’ll make a new issue if this happens again.

EDIT: I’m an idiot. Callstack information incoming.