Adding Row numbers dynamically to a Widget element

Hi all,

Currently I have a datatable with each row being a enemy, the row number being their id.
I’m trying to figure out of accessing the data table, looping through all of the rows and adding them (possibly as buttons) to a scroll box. (so 001, 002, 003, 004)
The point I want to get to is clicking on their ID buttons brings up their stats (which I can figure out from here).
So right now is just the issue of reading through the datatable and adding all rows to that scrollbox as buttons.

Can anyone give me a direction to go towards? I think I can figure it out but I feel like I’m missing something.

Thanks in advance!

Edit : I’m an idiot. I did a lot more scrounging around the answerHub and found that (painfully) obvious solution.
Now the HUD isn’t drawing but I’ll figure that out

Double Edit : Okay, so the HUD didn’t draw because it had nothing to Draw

I have two widgets, one that is only a Scroll Box that’s a child of a Canvas (Main Widget) and another that’s simply a button and text block, no canvas. (ListButton)
When I press “I” on the gamecharacter blueprint, it creates the Main Widget and in the Main Widget blueprint in Event Construct, it gets the Data from the DataTable and creates the Button Widget, setting the Text Block Text to the ID number and monster name (using SetText from the Create Widget and Append from the Break node to Set Text, finally adding it as a Child of the Scroll Box.