Adding rotation input based on keys

I’m making a controllable turret that should, when a and d are pressed, turn in different directions. this won’t work. how do I turn like this? please help.

Never mind I figured it out

How were you able to do it?

First, add input keys in Project Settings->Input
For example:
Right\Left Movement
Right +1.0
Left -1.0

Afterwards create a float variable called Yaw or whatever you wish.
Create the input event based on the Rotation keys you picked,
Type into the search AxisInput or Axis you will see it.

Anyways, image attached :slight_smile:
EDIT: Attached another image: Another option to do it more smoothly

do add rotation input one way and exec by pressing left and right.

What is the ship move thing. I was having some trouble getting the game to make it change into the turret so well.