Adding Ring Emitter to Particle system?

Dear Epic,

Can we request that you add a ring emitter to your particle system? We used to wrote it for our previous MMO and it’s very essential in creating many cool particle effects.
Ideally, it will emit a close-loop ring that use a tiled texture along its polygons with begin/end radius, begin/end width and begin/end height parameters like the pic below.
(There also can be many other control parameters, but those are the essential starting points.)

Right now the closest thing we have is a ribbon particle, and it’s very hard to create a nice ring from it.
Not to mention fuzzy texture when the ring is very large when it’s created with normal sprite.
(Something you don’t have to worry here because Ring Emitter always use tiled texture.)

Please consider this as additional assest to your particle system.


This is actually a good idea. In the meantime, you could create some simple meshes in Max/Maya and use a mesh emitter. Not perfect, but would get your result a lot faster than waiting for Epic or somebody else to implement it :smiley:

This probably won’t make it for Cascade (unless someone in the community wants to implement) but should be feasible in Niagra once that’s further along. One of the pushes with the new FX tool is to allow for more advanced behaviors such as this to be built as needed due to deep integration with Blueprints, removing the need to have a C++ implementation for new modules.

What about an “Torus” Emitter? a longtime missing Feature in Cascade :wink:

Probabaly the same thing. Cascade development is abandoned. All efforts are in Niagara.

Good. I want to see authoring vector fields inside editor :smiley:

True story, Use a mesh emitter for your shapes.

Absolutely! I use 3DS Max and right now it seems Maya is the only tool with support for creating those. Having support in the editor to create these would be great. I get the impression Niagra will let us do a lot more with Vector Fields in real-time. I definitely can’t wait to see the progress on Niagra once it is released to the community.

I’ve found a way to create a “Torus” like Emitter. its more Like a Cylinder with a hole in it but it works for me. Just use 2 cylinder emitters as spawn location with different radius. Then switch on “surface only” for both of them.