adding random static meshes to Landscape splinemesah

Howdy all. After playing with the Landscape Spline tool, I happened to notice, when a control point is selected, there is a random seed property in the details panel. At first, I was thinking that this meant I could add a list of meshes to the spline, and it would randomly pick from one of the meshes in the given list. Sure enough after looking through the UE4 documentation, and it states, “Spline Meshes: The meshes to apply to the spline. Multiple meshes will be applied in random order controlled by the random seed.” However, it seems that I could not find a way to add more than one mesh. Once I add a mesh to the spline in the details panel, I cannot figure how to add another mesh. There is no plus sign to add a new element, and you cannot drag more than 1 mesh into the first slot. So if the documentation says that we can have a random ordered list of meshes, then how is this done, or has it been removed?

I think my UE version is 4.10, but I do not have the application running in front of me right now.


So I would like to go in a little more into detail, if I may, without making this any more confusing.

The purpose of posting here, is to get a better idea which would be best between the 2 methods, Landscape Splines and Blueprint Splines. Simply put, I want setup a list of houses that could be chosen randomly along a spline and for the houses to follow the curve of my landscape. It is not as important if the random choice happens during runtime or during design, as it is to have my small town created before running the game.

As for that being said, here are a few things in which are causing me to stall from designing my small town. Starting with the Landscape Spline tool, I see that it is a great tool to use for deforming the landscape. However,it does not seem possible to setup a list of houses for which the spline can randomly choose from, or I cannot figure out how it is accomplished. As for Blueprint Splines, I see that this tool makes it possible to setup a list of houses, in the blueprint editor. and have the spline randomly choose from that list. However, if I am not mistaking, I believe that Blueprint splines cannot deform a landscape, like how the Landscape Spline can do. Therefore, I am asking the community for their help, by giving me some pointers on how they would tackle this type of design.