Adding quixel asset crash and destroying landscape actor

Just bringing it up on the fourm to help report bugs. I created a new landscape in a time of day template. I had world partition enabled not sure if it had anything to do with it but thought i should include that. i tried to drag and drop a asset from quixel it was set to nanite. it crashed the engine i reported it. when i restarted the level the landscape is not showing. i have a message in the log saying landscape has empty bounds.

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Just a update. I had this issue again tho it was after adjusting the sun in time of day level I think this may have something to do with world partitions. I did tho get quixel work I changed my library in the ue5 quixel interface under preferences cause it was differnt to my regular quixel library path.

hi guys i found out the isssue. It was because of world partition and not knowing how to correctly use it. if you guys run into this when you load up your level and none of the actors are streaming in your viewport. goto windows open your world partitions tab and click and drag accross it to select whats in that part of the world and select load selected cells.

heres a reference video i used to figure it out

(209) Beginners tutorial #2 - World partition - Unreal Engine 5 - YouTube