Adding Particle FX to an Arrow

So I want to add an Particle effect that will be around the arrow while it sits in the bow and also while it travels. Something like fire or a mist of some sort. I managed to remesh some arrows but i cant seem to get a particle FX to be around the arrow. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

UPDATE: He figured this out already and forgot to update, so I am for him xD

Teach ussssssssssssssss

Please teach!

You have to change the rendering mesh for it in the weapbow bp. Its actually pretty time consuming just to get a new arrow working in the game. If you already have the item all set up and in game its just a matter of changing the rendering mesh in 1p and 3p in the weapbow and projarrow blueprints. Hopes this helps, happy modding!

So I’ve got a projectile arrow with a particle on the end of it. But when loading/reloading/idling there is no particle. Do you have to add the emitter to the BowWeaponAnimBP or the Bow skeletal mesh as well? If that makes sense. I can only get the emitter to show up after firing the arrow. Any idea what I could be missing? Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

It sounds like you need to make sure that your modified arrow need to be attached to bow more times. When you look in the WeapBow file, you will see many places where the projectile is being referenced. Half are 3rd person, the other half 1st person. Some are referencing the arrow while it is in flight, others are referencing the arrow beign “attached” to the bow.

Hopefully that gets you looking in the right direction :smiley:

If you just filter to “mesh” when you have the items open, you can easily assign your new mesh to all the right spots. That’s assuming you already updated your mesh and added the particle effect you want.