Adding OR Subtracting in one operator?

In my FPS I’m randomly rotating the muzzle flash socket on my weapons to emit projectiles in a spread pattern. I’m setting min/max values in the weapon blueprint, and firing in the player blueprint. I’ve implemented a version of the spread that I thought should work, but I must be tired because I realize now I need negative values as well as positives - right now all the tracers are limited to the upper right quadrant of the crosshairs when I shoot.

Below you can see where I’m adding random floats based on the min max values in the weapon. Ideally if I could change the “+” add operators into a “+ or -” I think this would be solved, but that operator doesn’t exist…I tried multiplying the spread min by -1, before it even gets to the random float nodes, but that didn’t work either.

Anywho, I will keep at it and reply back here if I figure it out, but if anyone has any ideas I am all ears! Thanks in advance for any advice.

It looks quite complicated, why not just use:

( I’m assuming only rotating in X make any difference… )

Yes this is much easier. If you however still need the random add or subtract you can use this

Thanks so much! Appreciate your taking the time to look at this, will try these today!