Adding new weapon into ARK :D

Okay so after making my first mod I have a bit more of a grip on how things work.

For my next mod my plan is to add a sword into the game.

I figured why not work off of the Hatchet as a point of reference?
I’m sure I can handle damage/health and the hatchet’s swing itself is a good starting point for the swords swing also.

Making the sword spawn is a walk in the park but the real question is I may have to modify some basic hand animation.
Are there any tutorials floating about and also how viable is this?


Try and find the thread here by fancy flannel regarding his sickle mod. Should have all the information you need and if I recall correctly they made a video of how to export an item to Maya, rig a new object, and import it back into ue4 in the video tutorial sticky.

Thanks Drathek, I ended up finding just that yesterday.

Noting here that to actually modify a weapon into the game one must plan ahead and understand animations within the Unreal Engine.

Like for example using the Hatchet rig as a reference for a sword in my case, equipping a sword by throwing it spiraling upwards in front of you isn’t typically how one would handle a sword :stuck_out_tongue:

Since you can’t actually create or edit animations inside Unreal Engine(at least I don’t think so), you’ll have to export the rig into a 3D package, animate it there and then import these animations.

Many fingers are lost that way. As for the animations and rigging themselves I would start by exporting the arms with the skeleton which would be Human_Male_FPV which is a skeletal mesh. Then import into your 3D package and from there begin to do you rigging and animation for you custom weapon. Note this will have to be done for the 3D person as well, same scenario. If you only want to do one animation custom, like the unsheathing of the blade then keep the skeletal hierarchy named the same otherwise the other skeletal animations will not work. I know I just word vomited on your forum post but if you have any questions you can PM me.
As for animations and rigging the internet holds all the keys, I plan to do a lets rig a dino or character but that is down the line still.

I will PM you if I need further assistance after working through your Custom Model tutorial :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Fancy, I’ve PM’d you