Adding New Players, some questions

Hello! I am trying doing a game with a RTS camera (more or less) for all players (local multiplayer for now), but I have some questions:

1- I want more than 1 character (just an example: mage and warrior). How can I set 2 differents characters and select them? I used this:


But it don’t work when go other map (and more things when go other map…)
----> Found solution: posses script.

2- I don’t want that my keyboard = gamepad1. I want that player can choose if use Keyboard or Gamepad. How Can I change it? Just a note: my game is for 1 instance only even in multiplayer (no split screen, just 1 camera for every player).

3- How can I check if other gamepad that isn’t a player yet press start in order to join in game?
—> Dunno if it is the best solution, but I guess I could just add them from beginning but with a “invisible and can’t do nothing” pawn.

4- Is possible start a game without a player? Just waiting for Start press in any gamepad/keyboard
—> Found solution for this: In game mode details there is a checkbutton with “delayed start”. It just make your game wait until a “start match” call. Not very usefull really if you will not do a lobby.
—> Found more info here:

And some generals questions that I dunno how to find, check or resolve:

5- How can I change a variable value of a Blueprint from another? (I mean, I want decrease player1_booleanvariable state from map blueprint, how can I do it?)
→ I must read more tutorials about this. So isn’t exactly a question right now.

6- I am using some variables in my player_bp that I want use in other map, but when I teleport player there, they are set by default, how fix it?
—> Found some good info here:
Thanks to all!

I will continueing investigate, I taken some ideas writing this.

I can’t find “Delayed Start” inside Game Mode nor in anywhere in the editor… Was it removed? I really needed this option!!!

Should block on Load Stream Level does not seem to be working…