Adding new explosive based off C4 - Can't get it to place

I followed the Core-Data tutorial video in re-creating an item which I’ve called C5, but I can’t get it to work. It wont allow me to place a charge on the structure.
I get no error messages in the HUD saying I can’t place it. It just doesn’t work. What did I do wrong?

What I did:

Copied to a mod folder and renamed PrimalItem_WeaponC4, PrimalItemC4Ammo, C4Charge, WeapC4 from C4 to C5
Changed Weapon Template in PrimalItem_WeaponC5 to my new WeapC5
Changed Structure to Place in WeapC5 to C5Charge
Changed Weapon Ammo Item Template in WeapC5 to PrimalItemC5Ammo
Changed Explosive Ammo Item Template in C5Charge to PrimalItemC5Ammo
Changed Pickup Item Class in C5Charge to PrimalItemC5Ammo
Changed Explosion Damage in C5Charge
Changed Explosion Radius in C5Charge

I have not changed the animations, or any other settings

I’ve narrowed it down to the C5Charge being the issue, but I still have no idea how to fix it. I changed WeapC5 Structure To Place back to C4Charge and it lets me place C4 charges. But I still need to figure out why C5Charge wont work, even though it’s a direct copy of C4Charge with only a few things changed.

It likely requires the same behavior as structures, you must update your structureplacerblueprint and add that item to the bottom of placeable structures. Then to get your structureplacerblueprint in your mod you gotta have it referenced by your playercontroller. And to get playercontroller in there, you need to change your testgamemode. Step by step (for a mortar) here for steps 8-10.

Followed steps 8-10, but I can’t use the C5 Detonator now. I can spawn it in, but I can’t equip it to use like the C4 Detonator.
I must be missing something else. Using the Default PlayerController/Structure Placer let me equip it no problem.