Adding new engrams adds them to the bottom of the list

Hi devs,

When adding a new engram into PrimalData, the engram gets added to the absolute bottom of the list… under all the L65 engrams.

So if you’re wanting to make one with a L20 requirement… it won’t appear after the L20 items for example.

I think the fix is to sort the list by level requirement first, then sort alphabetically.

the fix is to find the current one at level 20. duplicate it. and change it…

Before i could try your suggestion, a re-cook of the mod has the engram appearing in the L20 section. Maybe it just doesn’t show up in the Unreal Editor properly when in PIE mode.

Mine aren’t being sorted by level after being cooked and loaded into the game either. It’s a little odd having a level 1 engram show up at the very bottom of the list.

Hey check the sorting of the other engrams and you need to add the engrams to the normal engrams of ark not the additional engrams.
The Additional Engrams are everytime on the bottom.