Adding New Dinosaurs

Hey guys,

I have been able to add new items and structures no problem. However, when it comes to adding a new dinosaur to the game, I use the command “cheat summon NEWDINO_Character_BP_C” and nothing spawns.

So far, I have the following dino-files inside my mod folder: DinoEntry_NEWDINO, Dossier_NEWDINO, Zombie_Character_BP, as well as the level, game data and game mode.

My question: do I need any other dependent files in order to add another dinosaur? I just want the base files I need to create another dinosaur based off a Raptor.

Thanks in advance.

You need to add the DinoEntry into the Additional Dinos in your PrimalGameData. And also make sure you have matching tags inside the DinoEntry & Character BP. You should be able to spawn them after that

Thanks for your reply! No luck so far though :frowning:

I’ve added the record into the Additional Dinos section, and everything has matching tags.

Could there be anything preventing the dino from being cooked, as I don’t see the Character blueprint in the cooked mod folder?

Double check this tutorial that youve followed simliar steps HOWTO: Add new dinosaur variants - ARK: Survival Evolved - Unreal Engine Forums

Also going form your first post, you should be doing “cheat summon zombie_Character_BP_C” rather than “cheat summon NEWDINO_Character_BP_C” - and you also dont need the ‘cheat’ part if you are doing it in the PIE (not sure if it works with it or not)

Re-made the mod with that tutorial, and now it’s working perfectly.

Thanks! :smiley: