Adding new C++ files in 4.24


I’m trying to setup a new project using UE 4.24. Have been using 4.23 for some time and that works fine, but 4.24 doesn’t seem to like the private/public folder setup commonly used in UE4.

If I make a new Gamemode (for example, can be any class) via the wizard in the editor, putting the header in the public folder, and the .cpp in the private folder I get an error that the header doesn’t exist:

Z:\Game\Source\MyGame\Private\Core\GameMode\MyGameModeBase.cpp(4): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'MyGameModeBase.h': No such file or directory

The file exists at “Z:\Game\Source\MyGame\Public\Core\GameMode\MyGameModeBase.h”… placed there by the editor when the new C++ file wizard runs.

If I do exactly the same in 4.23, all works fine, the header is found and the build compiles…

Has anyone experienced the same with 4.24?

How do I get the compiler to pickup on the appropriate header path in 4.24?


Create class, wait for build to fail. Close Editor. Browse to .cpp file of your class, and correct include section “MyGameModeBase.h” to “Core\GameMode\MyGameModeBase.h” (with notepad or something). Browse to project root folder and start project. On rebuild question press “Yes”.

I’ve tried to post this bug to unreal team last sunday. No success yet.