Adding network features tu BP Puzzle template

Hi all,

First of all sorry for my english, I’m not a native. I would create a multiplayer turn based strategy game (kind of multiplayer fire emblem), and I have some difficulties with the network. I’m trying to add network features to the puzzle template, but it didnt work.


I’ve added a custom event “running on server”. It call the following function

As you can see, my variable is “rep notify”

My “puzzleBlock” replication set up :

So, when I click a block on the server, it’s okay, the client can see the changes, but when I click with the client, nothing happen…

I’m not sure but I think there is a relation with “if owning client”. The block seems to be not “owned” by the client, but I dont understand why.

Some idea ?

I am not at home to test this. But i think the Switch on authority is the Problem. It get’s called only on Server. Try to use a multicast too. I had some Problems too with rep_notify. But call on Server and then a multicast works most of the time.

Okay I’ll try at home !

I was trying to do something “safe” as explained by EG, with controls done only by server… I’ll try like that in a first time (I’m a little bit lost)


I’ve try, but it didnt work. I’ve changed a lot of things to soluce this, here my modifications :

Here my event graph, with 2 custom events, the firtst is “running on server”, and then it call the second which is multicasted.

Here the “Cell clicked function”. It change the value of “is active” (wich is replicated) and then call the function “change material”

And here the “change material function”, called with the multicast event.

I tried with and without the “cell” replicates attribute, but it didnt work… If somebody has an explanation or a soluce…

Anybody has an idea ?