Adding my own music into a mod?

Is it possible to add my own music into a mod?

I have been playing around to create a blueprint that when activated will play of my own music ( yes, I have made all the music myself, no Copyrighted or youtube stuff ). Atm all my music is on my disc, in mp3 format from when I am recording … but I would like to add some of it to different bps as in you can then create 2-3 different items, and they will hold different music/sounds … like a music player.

I have seen mods like Pegi’s meat spoiler have their own tune… but is it possible to build on this, and add different bps to be crafted, to change music?

This is just an idea from me, I don’t know yet how to do this… but I want to be able to if this is possible

yes u can but it must be imported at a Wav file and will make ur mod size huge if u put alot of tracks

what you are saying is that it will need to add the .wav file uncompressed?

is it possible to make a blueprint read of a redirect?? So I can store the music files on one of my servers in their own dir ( not in the mod ) and just make the blueprint read a redirect to a folder/sound.wav or something? is that possible?

the problem is there no way that i know of personally to read a audio file via graph out of the ue4 engine devkit all music player or added music or even ark soundtracks are files that are imported into ue4

ok! thanks for updating me on this

I am joining the question. How can I do it? I just want to change the daytime transition musics to the old ones, and I already have their WAV file and the dev kit, but I doon’t know how to do it. Can you help me please?

The transition sounds are in the day cycle manager which is part of the map. You could maybe use a singleton to setup the code you’d need. If that doesn’t work, I know for a fact a map extension can be used.