Adding MutliUse Entries

HI folks, I’m hoping someone can help me with this issue: from various sources here and elsewhere, I’ve managed to figure out how to add and modify MultiUse Entries for the Radial Menu (for context, I’m modding ARK: Survival Evolved). Three days into this and I’m currently still attempting to add additional menu entries into an existing Blueprint (Tek Shield Generator). I’m able to add root entries without issue, but when I attempt to create entries for a a new Wheel Category, e.g. “My Options” -> [Back], “Option 1”, “Option 2,” “Option 3,” etc.

What I’ve tried so far:

  1. Completely clearing the Menu Entries array to start with a clean array – same result with using Wheel Category: 2. Works with Wheel Category: 1
  2. Modifying an existing/default Entry from Menu Entries to try and nest the additional items I want – doesn’t work.

What I’m running into:

  1. I’m ONLY able to create and display the “My Options” entry on the root; all additional child entries (using Wheel Category: “2”) are not visible.
  2. If I set the Wheel Category to “1”, the entries DO show up, but under the wrong category, which I don’t want to modify.
  3. Setting “Using Index” to anything except what’s being used in the default entries, seems to have no effect.

What am I missing here about Mutliuse Entries? Order of operations? Should I be defining the categories elsewhere, etc.?

Any guidance/documentation/samples would be much appreciated, thank you!