Adding Multiple Outlines to objects?

Hey guys, After following a few tutorials i managed to create a white pulsating line around any objects i want the player to interact with, the only issue is that it can only be applied to one mesh.

I’ve been experimenting with the nodes and i added an array allowing me to link up more than one mesh variable into the blueprint however it is still only reading the first prioritised variable, any ideas or suggestions are welcome.

Heres a current puush of my blueprint

I think that’s because there is nothing to execute those Loops?

The white lines are Execution nodes, they determine in what order things happen. Every other wire is just data.

When the event starts, the first thing that needs to happen is the loop. Then the foreach loop*, which in the loop body needs to get the distance, compare, and set the custom depth.

If you’re still struggling when I get back to my development machine I’ll mock up a blueprint for you.

*You also should just use the same data from the first foreach loop, you shouldn’t loop through a second time just to get different information.

That would help greatly.

Edit: After thinking logically i managed to solve the issue by looping the entire command sequence through one array rather than two, Thanks for the help though guys you helped me realize the massive mistake i was making haha., This is the finished BP and works fine

Looks good, glad you got it figured out. :slight_smile: