Adding multi viewpoints

Hello Community of Unreal engine. I was going to try to make some userinterface For a health and sprint system. But i cant make both visual at te same time.I need to add create stamina widget and health widget to be visual at the same time. anyone has any advice?

Thanks for your help

Best regards Rec0d


One issue I can see right off the bat is you’re not connecting anything to the “Create Stamina HUD Widget” execution pin. After creating your first widget, then execute the creation of the second widget. See my attached image.

That should get you going in the right direction! :slight_smile:


No no no lol. Don’t make a new widget for every detail on the player HUD haha. You should add ALL of the stuff you want to ONE HUD widget. If you add all of the stuff to a single HUD and bind the bars as normal you can simply add that one HUD to the viewport and be done with it lol.

Check out the link for how to setup a proper HUD. It should help get you moving right along. It may be dated by a few engine versions but the basic idea really hasn’t changed any and should still do the job.