Adding Movement Abilities to Character Movement w/Replication & Replay - Sample Code

You may have read the UE documentation aboutadding new movement abilities to Character Movement. You may have also read about **Approach 4

After about 4 days, I was finally able to implement this and thought it might help some folks out. In my blog post you’ll find a link to my github repro containing a full sample project.

Thanks for doing this, it’s pretty sad that there’s a lot of documentation for single player games, some for networked games with 0 ping, and hardly anything which describes how to implement stuff which works in a realistic environment. What’s most annoying is that this has no way to be done in blueprints despite being what I’d consider a pretty basic task when making a game… I guess I have a lot to learn still. I don’t really know where to start in terms of integrating this code stuff with my blueprint project. I guess I have to make a custom movement component and a new custom character. Really annoying… ugh.