Adding more suns to SunSky Actor

Is there a tutorial for adding another sun (or two) to the new SunSky Actor? I had a time with the old BP sky Sphere so I am learning the new Sun and Sky with Exponential Fog functions.

I added a BP Sky Sphere to the scene, and removed all colors. Then in the related material, connected the sun nodes directly to the main material node. I also added a 2nd directional light and attached it to the Sky Sphere. Now I have my original SunSky atmosphere with the 2nd sun from the BP Sky Sphere, but my first sun disappeared. If I hide the BP Sky Sphere, my original sun returns. If I can get both suns to appear, I won the day. Please advise to how I can get both suns to appear simultaneously?

The sky lighting element is a GL element, as well as the directional light, so I have to ask what is the plan?

This is not necessarily for a game, it is more for a display show.
I need to have two suns in the sky simultaneously for an exoplanet project that I am working on. It is in a binary star system. The problem is only the 2nd sun shines when I have both sky spheres visible, otherwise only the original sun from my SunSky Actor appears. I need them both to shine. No response? I guess either no one knows or it can’t be done.

No response? I guess either no one knows or it can’t be done.

Could you add a huge sphere with emissive material?