Adding mods

How do you add a mod to a rented server. i have the MOD id in the mod folder but how to i get the game to run it?

You would need it to run the map your mod was cooked with, which can then point to theisland map. I’m not sure how maps are started with though.

If you want some detailed steps for installing mods to dedicated servers look at the installation instructions for my mod (in my signature) you will need to update the modid with your interested mod however. I don’t know any particular issues that host may have but you must have access to the command line of the batch file that launches the server, or custom launch parameters.

Drathek I looked at yours prior to posting i was able to use your mod to find where the files saved to get the mod and also where to save it in ark. but i’m not sure how to use the commandline for

Edit: also i figured out how to load a mod in single player to test it but is there an easier way then just trying to get the new seed to drop. because it’s not

By seed I assume you mean the save data? You likely need ftp access to change that (by deleting the save Ark folder) . As for the launch arguments if it is not readily apparant you should seek help from gameservers.

For it to work on you need to:

DinoOverhaul?/1212339/arkse/ShooterGame/Content/Mods/485826143/DinoOverhaul?listen?ModId=485826143?AllowThirdPersonPlayer?AlwaysNotifyPlayerLeft?AlwaysNotifyPlayerJoined?SessionName=DinoOverhaulProject?queryport=21036?port=21035?maxplayers=20 -Multihome= -console

Where you see “DinoOverhaul?” that is where you put your MOD map that you wanted it pointed to, then you just fill in the rest of the info with yours in the command line.

If you cant access the Commandline from just open a ticket and ask them adjust the comnmandline for you. Give then the details such as mod ID and name of your mod. This also may help

Good luck