Adding / modding csv's to package beta

Hey I’m getting ready to do some testing on my project and I’m trying to figure out a way to save some time and work with the resources I have.

So I’m working on a turn based RPG. I have my stats being brought in from data tables that I’m generating in a .py file

Im just curious how to go about / if its possible to replace to replace the stat .csv from a main menu options drop down or something.

best case scenario i send my guys out the package with the python file - they can modify the weights that are changing stats over time to see how things feel etc.

I know i could also do this all in engine and just use a multiplier but im not that smart lol

Like: (see lol)

Stats are calculated by giving each individual stat a decimal value based on priority. P+,P,P,S,T (primary +/-, secondary etc.) the initial number and range are variable
That value is modded again by whatever element the creature is (rock gets +0.04 DEF -0.02 AGI)

The final value is used as a base - every time the creature levels up each stat gets some xp usually leveling up every .8 - 4 levels or something like that.

So its been nice having it in .py so i can just simulate every fight and look for red flags

Any help is greatly appreciate! thankyou!

I think data tables are static and used as a reference for values. But i think someone else on the forums was trying to edit them also.