Adding material to stylize crosshair in a hud widget

Anyone know how to apply a material made in ue4 to an image that is inside a widget? (my crosshair image inside my hud widget) I’m trying to apply a material that I made to it.

Hello ,

To have a material for an Image you need to change its Material Domain to UI, this can be done in the Material Details panel. Then to actually add it to an image, simply place the image in your widget then either drag the material from your content browser into the image slot or use the search bar to find the material you need!

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Is there a way to make a material glow with emissive and still be a UI mat?

No not as a UI Material, that being said you could make a workaround this issue by making a texture that is the emissive glow and import that into the engine ad simply add it to your widget to create the illusion that it is glowing.

Not with the Material set ti UI, One workaround would be to make the glow as a texture and apply it directly on your widget!