Adding Logic Nodes UI and Workflow is a Disaster! please take examples of this

hi me here to complain and beg finaly for a change about whats terrible wrong with this workflow of working with logic nodes / blueprints in Unreal Engine 4 - 5, i am somewhat new to UE5 engine but old to various game engines including unreal engine 4…

after many years waiting for other game engines to lvl up in tech i decided to learn unreal engine and was super excited because of wonderful tech it got now…

having experience from other game engines workflows i saw blueprints is most important for me.
but then i got a shock from the SNAIL SPEED workflow of adding nodes and so MOST UNCOMFORTABLE Learning ever…

the problems are:

  1. for adding a node you have right click and wait the SLUGGY SMALL popup window to open then scroll and read all the time to find the right node and this OVER AND OVER AGAIN because need and want to learn new nodes.
    the crazy is thats its very small window and if you expand section, you expand downwards, so you have to scroll all over again… :exploding_head:
    some might say you dont need like that, because you can search by typing. but this is incredible physical and brain human energy wasting. every time you need a node, you have TO HAD MEMORIZED ITS NAME AND FUNCTION AND WRITE first letters at least and then scroll again…
    this is just a nightmare…

The Solution for node Ui is like this:

this screenshots and videos are from the logic nodes UI from Armory and UPBGE Game engines:

and this is from Unreal Engine:

did this example how it should be:

which is little improvement even over blenders UI because it dont have pin function so there need reopen adding nodes window too but its still milion times faster…

i somehow cant belive this wasnt changed from UE4 still…
i sad for unreal users spending so many hours on blueprints because is hardest thing to learn but most needed…

another problem is that the nodes are way to much seperated functionalitys. for example you have add impulse. then there is add impule on class and so on.
why not having bigger node with beckboxes or dropdown menu to let you choose?
this would lower the amount of time of searching nodes and memorize amazingly…

so having UI like this would make save very many hours and physal energy and have more fun : )


What about the Palette and Keyboard Shortcuts?


well this is better thanks for tip but nowhere near as good as if it would expand to right side + if nodes madness of having almost same node but as seperate node instead of using dropdown or checkboxes . no wonder there millions of nodes.


Just another tip while you wait for Epic to undo 10 years of UI development, ehm.

As I keep working, I keep adding nodes I’d search for to favourites:

The most commonly used stuff just pops at the top, context sensitive, too; irrelevant nodes are filtered out:

And you can still punch in the very first letter to narrow it down. This becomes such a second and efficient nature that I simply no longer plop stuff down any other way:

I mean, I do, ofc. It’s just more annoying than before. :slight_smile:

ok sorry maybe i didnt think before express the wish.
i not wanted that its undone but add option to have,

need the design in the screenshot i made or just take example from blender BUT additionally rework nodes so they are combined. the more i learn the more it makes me mad and sad when i think how lightning fast i was able to do all kind of different gameplays in upbge game engine because nodes UI style ( and surely because way less nodes exist) but thats why me here and i curious what is the reason to have many different own nodes which have like 1 additional option than the other instead of combine them and having checkbox for enabling that 1 option?

for example, the onhitevent node if you right click hit, you can split and get additional options which is wonderful !!!

why not for all other same?
i mean from programmers perspective its not something completely new that i asking. you have already checkboxes and dropdown menus in nodes for enabling functionalities.
if a node would have 100 options then when compiling it would like commend them out to remail efficiency or not?
so why not tidy up this chaos? only would benefit everyone.
if a node would have 100 options then when compiling it would like commenting them out to remain efficiency or not?

now every time you need node now you need better type if want be fast but this is too much human brain memory “sampling” + clicks…

and i dont want to replace / flood my limited brain memory with only unreal stuff in my life…

human mind is good in categorizing things in memory but not memorizing every little piece separately… so please lets be efficient,

i am the only one ?
about 10 years of UI,how i remember, UE4 already had this UI Node style or not? so is this a joke ? because 10 years for this its good one then XD