Adding levels in a packed game (pak?)


Let me explain what I’m trying to achieve : Making a library of 3D scenes for Twitch streamers. Each level contains a different environment style (horror room, penthouse room…). Everything on blueprints.

My request :
I want to add new levels into my game once it is packed

The patch way, isn’t the one I want because it’s replacing everything.

I’ve heard of DLCs but online resources are low, if you guys have some helpful links to send me I’d be thankful !

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Hey AlexC78390,
you could use chunks instead of DLCs to distribute your pak files via your content management system. You could have a different chunk for each level for example and a base package with the assets shared between levels.
Check this docs article to learn more about that: Cooking and Chunking | Unreal Engine Documentation
If you want to follow the standard DLC/Patch method, you can check this docs article: How To Create a Patch (Platform-Agnostic) | Unreal Engine Documentation

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Thanks for the advice, I’ll dig into it !

Greetings @AlexC78390

Welcome back to the forums! Were you able to resolve your issue by using chunking? I saw that Scienziatogm provided some great official documentation with the ‘How-to’. It’s great seeing the community using all of the resources! I hope you were able to get your issue resolved. Post back if you ran into any issues!