Adding lens parameters to camera database

Hi all

Having a fiddle with adding lens priors to the camera database but not having any luck having them show up when images are added. Camera model shows up as “SONY ILCE-7RM2” and there is an entry for that in the database (although it displays yellow exclamation mark… saw the post that this is being worked on)

Tried adding my 20mm lens using:

<camera model=“SONY ILCE-7RM2” ccdWidth=“35.9”>
<lens model=“EF20mm f/2.8 USM” focal=“20” type=“Brown3” c1=“-0.0829” c2=“0.0726” c3=“-0.0141”/>

Lens model copied from 1Ds. Is this technically correct? From the help, focal length is also used to ID the lens. How do we add a prior for focal length?

Hello Ben,

please excuse our late response.

Can you please share with us a sample image so that we can test it on our side?

RC would assign Brown 3 model with these coefficients as priors if it detects the image from this camera model and if the focal matches.

Thanks I’ll send through to support