Adding Launch Image to DayDream project

Hello everybody,

I’ve tried without success adding the [Daydream.Splash.Settings] to the DefaultEngine.ini config file, and also applied the image as a texture inside the scene just to be sure it’s packaged, but no luck whatsoever

I’ve noticed the ways of the launch image change with engine version, so i’m asking you: what is the “default” or “correct” method for adding a Launch Image to a 4.20.2 project for DayDream?

thanks in advance

Not perfect but we did a few steps forward, we’re talking Unreal 4.20.2.

I created into the Content folder a LoadScreenTextures folder; I opened the project in UE4, then I dragged into the LoadScreenTextures the texture (as a .png file named loadingScreen_daydream) that I wanted for my loading screen.

I opened Settings → Project Settings, went to Packaging → Packaging-> Expand → Additional Asset Directories to Cook. I added there the LoadScreenTextures folder.

Then I added to the DefaultEngine.ini (located in the Config folder) the following lines:

TextureUVOffset=(X=0.0, Y=0.0)
TextureUVSize=(X=1.0, Y=1.0)

Note that the Game directory is seen as the Content directory, so leave that untouched.

This solved only partially my problem.

After launching the installed UE4 project, from the Lenovo Mirage Solo, the screen still remains black for an hefty amount of time, then the loading screen appears, then it’s quickly loaded the first stage of the game.

so we’re still looking for a better solution, with the loading screen appearing shortly after the launch of the application


I’d love to know the answer to this as well. Is there any way to have a splash/launch image quickly appear while the rest of the app loads? We gotta minimize the black screen loading time