Adding Land Mass to the Island

I know this is probably a very involved modification to Ark, but here is my question:

How would one go about adding more land to the Island? I took a look at TheIsland level in the Ark editor, and it seems to be very complicated.
I expected to simply open it up and add land to the map, but it seems that there is a main island level with many parts of the level distributed
among other levels.

If I were to add a small Island next to the main Island, could I simply add it on the main island level, or would I have to create a separate level?

Do you guys think such an addition would be classified as a standalone mod, or a total conversion conversion?(Especially if I add new triggers[events + spawns]
to the main Island as well as the new island)

Hey whitejackale,

For your mod a total conversion is the way to go. If you only want to add a small island to the current map you can do add components to the current landscape with the landscape tools or modify the current landscape with the sculpting tool. In both case you will need to sculpt the landscape anyway.

You should load the landscape sublevel and edit the landscape there.

Read about the landscape tool here :

The small levels you refer too are used for level streaming, it allows you to cut your level in small pieces so it is easier to work with (and also for optimization) :